"The current advertising model is no longer sustainable."

Future of advertising is video! We are building a new way of seeing advertising. A conscious model of access to online advertising content, which allows people to enjoy advertising content in a healthy and privacy-friendly way.

Andrea Giuseppe Pretto

Creator of Kaleskop

Why do we always have to undergo advertising? What would the effect be if roles in advertising were reverse and the public chooses which advertisement they want to watch?

We want to allow people to choose what and when to watch so that they are no longer passively exposed to advertising. The time has come to rediscover our love for commercials.

We are the first commercials archive in the world.

We host over a thousand video advertisements and are generating heavy traffic on our customers landing pages.

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Core Values

Top Value

Conscious Choice

Here, in Kaleskop, you have the power to choose which advertisement to watch and when to watch it. In this way, we can change the way commercials are offered.

Top Value

Brand Loyalty

We came up with a new business model that makes consumers more loyal to the brands.

Top value

Greater propensity to buy

In Kaleskop, you will find only advs. Users visit our platform because they want or need to see a commercial. Here you will speak to an aware audience more inclined to buy the products that you advertised.



Digital video archive

Secure, private, and unlimited: Kaleskop provides the best structure to host your content in safety.

Manage, describe and share your commercials to the whole community or a selected niche of customers.

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Advertising Spaces

Advertize with Kaleskop

Our platform manages its promotional system. It shows advertisements in rotation on various ranges of importance. You can also buy specific advertising spaces to have more visibility to the Kaleskop audience.


Release Party

Promote your new product

You can launch your next product using our Release Party event. You will reach a large share of the market and build customer loyalty.


Centralized Platform

All in one platform

With Kaleskop you can manage, promote and analyze your marketing activities. You won't need anything else.



Choose where your advertisements will be displayed

You can let other advertisers use your advs and decide in which channels they will be saw.



Reduce your costs

Our platform connects companies to advertisers. You can let other advertisers use your commercial so you could recoup the cost of the system and amortize the marketing costs.


Scalable Plans

One plan that fits all your needs

We have different modular plans to which you can add temporary features to satisfy all your demands.



Examine your statistics

Through our statistical survey, you can analyze the efficacy of advertising on your audience and know how to improve your marketing communication. By examing our data collection, you will be able to realize which are the best channels to convey your advs.



Be a part of a community

We are not a social network. We are a community. Our community is a group of people that share a passion for advertisements and is made up of people conscious of the choice that they can make. Our goal is to thrill people to advertisements in order to change they way we see it.


Discount, Promo and Coupon

You share, you win

Follow your favourite brands, gain points and access to lots of prizes, discounts and coupons.