What is Kaleskop?

Kaleskop is a platform that collects advertisements.

With us you can finally choose which commercials to watch whenever you want.

In fact our most important goal is to create an alternative model of advertising.

Questions & Answers

I saw my advertisement on Kaleskop.

We are collecting more and more advertisements to populate our archive and we are categorizing them in a precise and punctual way.

If you have seen one of your advertisements in our network you can contact us and we would be happy to provide you with all the tools to manage it.

Why don't I see my advertisement just posted on the channels page?

All advertising posted on Kaleskop must meet our content policy and therefore your video must be moderated before it can be placed on a channel.

Channel assignment occurs during moderation, and moderation can take up to one business day. Once moderated, the advertisement is shown randomly, 15 advertisements at a time, on the channels page.

Why is the video cover black?

When you see a black cover it means the advertisement is handled internally by Kaleskop. With the utmost respect for trademark legislation, we have decided not to exhibit any covers that may infringe copyright.

It is possible to get hold of the advertising management by contacting our customer service directly at: info{at}kaleskop.com

How to change your domain-level privacy on Vimeo?

With domain-level privacy you can specify the websites that are permitted to embed your video.

To set up your domain-level privacy:

  • Go to your Vimeo page,
  • Head to your video page,
  • Click Settings below the video player,
  • Click over to the general tab, Privacy Section,
  • In the Where can this be embedded? dropdown menu,
  • Select Specific domains and add the domain names for the sites where you’d like your video to be embedded.